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Another Successful Day of Recollection!

On Saturday April 20th we had our 3rd Day of Recollection in Grays Ferry.

The day started with Mass at 9:00 with St. Gabriel’s pastor Fr. John Zagarella and concelebrated by Grays Ferry spiritual director Fr. Doug McKay.

After some light refreshments over in St. Gabriel’s annex we moved up to the gym for a talk by Matt from Trenton on his recovery and Matt Talbot.

Before lunch Kathleen McCarthy from In His Sign talked to the group about healign adn our role in the “new evangelization’. That role being to tell our story to others so that they will follow us to Christ.

After lunch we had a healing ceremony. The ceremony began with music nad a brief period of adoration. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to us through Kathleen whil Fr. Doug blessed each person individually with the Blessed Sacrament. All were moved by this holy experience.

We were happy to have the current national president of The Calix Society, Mike S. from York, PA and his fiance Gretchen with us for the day. Miek took a few minutes to introduce himself to the group and to let the Grays Ferry unit know how the rest of the country is looking to them as a model for what a Calix Unit can be.

We were then joined by Mark Houck, founder of The King’s Men. Mark spoke to us about a number of topics including the Samson retreats they are doing for abused men. In these retreats men are take through the Stations of the Cross and Mark encouraged those in attendance to take a fresh look at the Stations with soem themes we may not have thought about in the past.

Finally, we went up to St. Raphael’s ARC for a Holy Hour with a short talk by Fr. McKay followed by adoration, benediction and the closing prayers.

Durign the course of the day a few of us talked wit hBrian G. abotu the possibility of having the Grays Ferry unit learn about and make the Consecration to Mary as prescribed by St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Militia Immaculata. We are hoping to have Brain come back one Tuesday in May to give a talk on the conscration after which all those that would like to make the consecration will be able to. I have added some website links to the “Links” page if you would like to learn more about the Militia Immaculata prior to the talk.

Thanks again to al lthose for puttign together this wonderful program!


Remembering Hannah K.


While at Mass on Thursday 3/14 I received an email from my good friend Kathleen McCarthy letting me know that Hannah needed prayers. The email said only that Hannah had already had two surgeries and things didn’t look good. Kathleen was also looking to get hold of our mutual friend, Fr. Doug McKay, since they were unable to locate a priest to see Hannah.

I called Kathleen and learned that Hannah had suffered a major heart attack while working as a nurse at Brooke Glen Hospital in Ft. Washington. Hannah had been working the night shift there for a quite awhile. The night shift and the type of work was very hard on her. Most recently she was working with troubled teens and spoke of the “cutters” and how sad it made her to see these young people in such pain.

I was able to get hold of Father McKay since his workshop at Malvern ended a day early because of the election of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. Father McKay got over to Presbyterian hospital shortly after Hannah had “graduated” around 3:00 PM, the time of Divine Mercy. Father let me know that were a number of Hannah’s friends and co-workers at the hospital and together they prayed for Hannah and each other.

While driving home from work I tuned into Kathleen’s radio show (she is on 800 AM from 5 to 6 PM daily and can also be heard via the Internet at Kathleen and Hannah were the closest of friends and rather than canceling the show she dedicated the hour to Hannah. Many friends, myself included, called in to talk about our relationships with Hannah. There were even a few people that called who had just met her for the first time last weekend at a Women Afire retreat at the retreat house in Malvern. It was a real testament to the woman Hannah is!

Hannah has had a tremendous impact on my life. She always had a smile and she was a “hugger”. I never met anyone who liked a good hug as much as she did. She was also one of the Calix Society’s biggest cheerleaders. It was through Hannah that I came to know radio host Kathleen McCarthy who has become a great friend of Calix. It is through these relationships that I have come closer to Christ and actually made the decision to make a go of my own ministry, Not Saints Yet!

Today I am thanking God for bringing Hannah to Calix. A number of people have been helped as a direct result of interacting with her as well as the promotion of the Society that has taken place as a result of our relationship with Kathleen McCarthy and her ministry, In His Sign Network.

Hannah had no living (blood) family and is now reunited with her parents in Heaven. Her good friend Dianne L. is in the process of making the funeral arrangements and as soon as they are finalized I will post them here and email them to our Philly Calix distribution list.

As I mentioned in an email yesterday, I am certain that Hannah is enjoying the Beatific Vision while listening to the angels singing their beautiful hymns of praise to our God.

In closing I would just like to tell Hannah, my friend, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Ken J.